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F-Stop Pictures has a style reflective of the Pin-Up era as well as modern concepts. It is a home based business which also covers many other areas such as music, Boudoir, Burlesque, music, punk, glam, Gothic, and architecture. At the present time we are focusing on updating and are going to spend much of the nice weather on locations throughout  Ontario. We welcome models and clients from all walks of life. Our style is raw and classy but edgy. We always welcome our clients/models to bring a friend as well as their own M.U.A with them when they come in for a session or to join to assist on location shoots. We look forward serving you, contact us today to discuss your project.




Alan Davies is a devoted photographer of 33 years. Alan started in the film industry, and made a change of direction in 2009 to a digital platform. He resided in the Niagara region, and relocated to the Toronto area in 2008 to return home to Niagara in 2018. During Alan’s duration spent in the Niagara region, he traveled abroad to Europe, the United States and also the Caribbean. Alan has primarily spent most of his time throughout Canada. He can be characterized as a very “outside the box style “photographer. He’s approach to lighting and editing is his own and unique to his style. Alan also enjoys working with other photographers, and artists. He spent several years in the Niagara region taking photography through the journalism program, also working in film and darkroom development. However he currently primarily works in in the digital realm of his craft. Alan has developed the ability to self-teach himself in the tricks of his profession, and has remained self-taught. He believes in, and has been guided to follow, the KISS system while including his own style. Adam’s other passions include graphic art applications, which allows him to flow between the different forms of visual art. He enjoys working with a variety of people, and creating new and edgy photography.

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