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Silver Elvis

Canadian Entertainer has enjoyed working with Alan Davies as a (Photogragher/Owner of F-Stop Pictures Formerly Fast 50s Fotos )for the past ten years with great results . He understands how to create mood and story in his compositions , hard work ethic and gets the shot .at's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Silver Elvis

Pat Clark Bands ( Ragged Glory)


My band has used F - Stop Pictures for all of our social media promotions and website photos. Alan Davies has the professional photography gear and he knows how to use it. Most of the time I wasn't even aware that he was shooting us, so I was quite surprised when I saw how he had captured our live performances. Easy to work with and great pricing keeps us coming back. Alan is as good as it gets folks...


Pat Clark

Jordan & Mohaned Nugteren

Bomanville On


To: Alun  Davies @ F-Stop Pictures

Wanted to give a  5 star review to f-stop Pictures, Alan took care of any doubts I had in getting a photo shoot for me and my husband  in Spring of 2006 . He was a real  professional, to time and care , the photo quality and shots turned out beyond my expectations. He will definitely be my go to photographer for for all of my special events . I would highly recommend him to friends and Family . 

Warm Regards 

& Many Thanks 

Jordan & Mohaned Nugt

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